My name is kate and i am a full-time working mum to four gorgeous children. one day, i was searching through decorating forums and looking for decorating ideas for their bedrooms. i was looking for something to fill their shadow boxes, when i came across peg dolls. at that stage, i could only import them from the us, so i put my d.i.y hat on and got my brushes out. surprisingly, i thoroughly enjoyed painting them and the older boys loved their new super hero dolls. i was so proud to have made a toy for them that they loved. the word soon spread and i was painting dolls for friends and family. my clever husband came up with the name, and then 'wooden you' was established in 2015. i am continuing to work, but being a teacher means i have plenty of holidays to paint.

                        i hope your children enjoy their dolls, as much as i enjoy painting them



                Kate xo

i use all non-toxic paints and varnishes, so they are safe for children to play with


all wooden you dolls are recommended for children to play with from the age of 4 and up 


(use your own judgement though and if your child still chews or sucks on toys, please supervise them at all times)