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"Kate was kind enough to make some oobi dolls for me! after 15 years of designing and screen printing fabrics, this was the most incredible legacy for oobi. i'm so proud to own this little army of little oobis - the fabrics and the dresses are  reminders of my years designing girl's dresses..." Alex, oobi

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 "our family loves their "mini-me's" or "whole-self" as one of my twins calls them. what a great start to imaginative play; perfectly sized for little hands and a fun representation of each of our family members. these hold a place of honor on our mantle....when they are not in the kids' hands!"

~ dayna from weekendnotes.com ~

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"Dear Kate. Thank you for the gorgeous family you made for ur daughter for her 3rd birthday. she loves them and I love how her friends recognise all of her family members when they come over to play. a very special present, made with love. Jacqui"

"Kate, thank you so much for creating our little family! nothing was ever too much trouble, your communication along the way was refreshing and the finished product is of an exceptionally high standard. stacey x"

"Dear kate,

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely doll family you made for us. I wanted a unique gift for a close friend's 3 year old who loves her doll house. The dolls were so beautifully finished, great quality and from all reports, are getting a lot of love! i'll definitely be one of your regular customers in the years to come. xo  steph"


Three beautiful boys playing with their wooden you dolls. Thanks for sharing, Danni x

 "My Mum loved them! She thought they were the most divine things ever and she is already planning who else she will buy them for. I'll definitely be putting an order in too."

~ Bree ~